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Update to Site Tracking code

Team Conversations · 22 days ago1 changes

The site tracking code snippet has been updated in order to enable Conversations.

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Updates to contacts related calls

Tim Jahn · 3 months ago5 changes

We've updated a few of our existing contacts related calls to offer more flexibility and added a few new endpoints that provide much needed functionality.

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Recent calls added to v3 of our API

Tim Jahn · 5 months ago22 changes

Listed below are some API calls we recently added to v3 of our API. If there are any improvements you feel can be made to our API, please let us know in our ideas forum. Thanks!

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Custom Deal Fields added to API

Tim Jahn · 6 months ago10 changes

As part of our custom deal fields launch, we've added the ability to create, retrieve, update, and delete custom deal fields (as well as manage the values of these fields for specific deals) in v3 of our API.

You can learn more about custom deal fields announcement here: https://www.activecampaign.com/blog/announcing-custom-deal-fields/...

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Some love for tags and notes

Tim Jahn · 7 months ago5 changes

In the spirit of iteration and continual improvements for our API, we've listed below a few new additional calls for tags and notes available today.

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Contact custom fields now available!

Tim Jahn · 7 months ago4 changes

Contact custom fields are a powerful way to store the data that matters to you for your contacts. You can now manage these fields via v3 of our API. The newly added calls are listed below.

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New calls available in API v3!

Tim Jahn · 8 months ago38 changes

Listed below are dozens of new calls we've added to v3 of our API. Enjoy!

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