Use the SDKs and sample code provided below to get familiar with our API. If you wish to contribute a code sample or an SDK, please let us know.


  • PHP (Created and maintained by ActiveCampaign)
  • NodeJS (Created and maintained by ActiveCampaign)
  • Rails (Created and maintained by Mikael Henriksson)
  • Python (Created and maintained by Apollo Data Solutions)

Code Samples

Add subscriber and trigger instant autoresponders to send

A quick/simple example of adding subscribers through our API and making sure any instant autoresponders send right away. You can submit the HTML form through page reload, or Ajax.

Embedded subscription form

An example of embedding subscription forms on a page while having responses show up on the same page using AJAX. (Blog post)

(Resellers) Account sign up and creation on your own site

Add accounts, templates, generate login links, and more. (Blog post)

Recent campaigns RSS

Fetch recent campaigns and format it as an RSS feed, with each item showing the message HTML and a link to the web copy of the campaign.

Manage your webhooks

Interact and manage ActiveCampaign webhooks via our REST API.

Using single sign-on (SSO)

Use SSO to link users to ActiveCampaign (bypassing the login), or embed as an iFrame.

View Contact Details

View a contact's details including list subscriptions, custom field data, recent actions, and campaign history.