CX App Go Live Guide

When you are ready to publish with your CX App, please review this guide to learn more about the review process and what steps are necessary to complete before, during, and after the app is submitted for review.

Before Submitting Your App

Review CX App Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your app for review, please take a moment to review the CX App Submission Guidelines and ensure that your app meets all of the suggested guidelines. This will help ensure that the review process can occur as smoothly as possible.

Submit Testing Credentials

Before submitting your app, please ensure that any necessary testing credentials have been provided. Our review team will need these to access your app when testing end to end during the review process. This information can be securely stored in App Studio under App Details -> Developer Info. Also, it may be helpful to let us know if there are any setup instructions we should be aware of.


Prepare Help Content and Marketplace Listing

If your app will be released to a public audience, you will need to prepare a marketplace listing and a help content guide to describe to users how to set up and use your CX App. The information for your marketplace listing will be used to display your app on ActiveCampaign's app listing page. It is important to submit the listing now in case there is any feedback or additional information that is requested from our team in order to properly create the listing.

To submit your app listing, please use this form.

When preparing your help content, it is important to include as much detail as possible to help guide users through the setup and usage of your app. If you are unsure of what to include, we recommend browsing some of the other popular apps on ActiveCampaign's app listing page and reviewing the help content on those apps.

Once Your App Is Submitted

Technical Review and Testing

Once your app has been submitted for review, our team will conduct a technical review of your app's config file. In addition to the technical review, our team will also test your app's functionality from end-to-end. If any issues arise either in the technical review or during end-to-end testing, they will be communicated at this time. Our team may also offer suggestions at this time for user experience improvements.

Marketplace Listing

While your app is being reviewed, your marketplace listing is also being created. If our team requires any additional information or feedback in order to create the listing, they may reach out at this time.