CX App Submission Guidelines

Please review these guidelines prior to submitting your CX App for review. Failure to meet these requirements may result in your review request being withdrawn.

App Details

Before submitting your CX App for review, please take a moment to review the App Details tab in App Studio.

  • Ensure that your App Name and Description are accurate and helpful.
  • In the Metadata section, confirm that the Intended Audience option matches your preference.
  • In the Developer Info section please provide API keys and/or dashboard credentials so that our review team can test the CX App with your platform.
  • If you intend to release your app publicly, please complete the Marketplace Listing form to help our team prepare your app's listing. Public apps can not be released until the app listing is complete.


A CX App can contain an inbound workflow, multiple outbound workflows or multiple outbound workflows with an inbound workflow. A CX App with no workflows is not valid and will be withdrawn from the review process.

Workflow labels and descriptions should use the following format:

  • label property: A "human-readable" name to distinguish different workflow objects. This value is used to list workflows. The label property should use the following format: Brand Name - What it does. For example, Twilio - Send an SMS.
  • description property: A one sentence summary describing what the workflow does. This sentence should end with a period. For example, "Send messages to your Contacts using Twilio."

Field Names and Help Text

Please review the setup object for each workflow:

  • For the connect object, ensure that the label and help_text are accurate and user-friendly.
  • For the select object, ensure that each form_field is accurately named and has helpful placeholder text.
  • If any form_field is optional, ensure that it has a default value specified.

CX App Review Process

Once you are satisfied that your app meets all of the suggested guidelines you may submit your app for review. When we receive your app submission a member of our Developer Relations team will reach out to help facilitate the review process. Here is some of what you can expect from the review process:

  • Our team will review your App Studio config file for technical accuracy and offer suggestions for fixes or improvements
  • We will test your app end to end to ensure that everything works as expected
  • If any user experience issues are spotted we will offer suggestions for improvement based on similar use cases
  • In order make any changes to your app after it has been submitted for review, you must first Withdraw the app from the review process in App Studio first

Once any potential issues have been addressed you will receive a notification when the review is complete and the app is approved for release. If it is a private app you will be able to release the app whenever you are ready by clicking the Release button in App Studio. If your app is intended for a public audience, we will work with you to get the Marketplace listing ready before release.

Your app will remain in a Beta state until you click the Release button. While in Beta, any instances of the app on your account will be upgraded to the newest version. While in Beta, any users outside of your account will remain on their current app version. Once you Release the app, all users will be upgraded to the newest version.