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When you build integrations with ActiveCampaign, you can have a positive impact on small businesses across the world. This is where you can find ActiveCampaign API documentation, SDKs, support, and a community of developers like you.

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Getting Started

Join us on the journey to enable millions of businesses to personalize and orchestrate better customer experiences!

At ActiveCampaign, we’re building the next evolution of automation that will enable businesses to personalize the customer experience and win in the experience economy. We’re inviting developers to help us change the way businesses create amazing, one-to-one personalized experiences to deepen meaningful relationships with their customers.

What Can I Do With These Tools?

Great question! These tools provide everything you need to build a configuration file that will power your App! Within these tools, you'll find:

  1. Overview: a brief summary of what makes up a Apps
  2. CX App Lifecycle : A visual representation of how ActiveCampaign will talk to your servers
  3. Configuration Walkthrough: A step-by-step guide through the configuration file and the UI elements associated with the configuration. Throughout the walkthrough, we also provide some helpful tips along the way to consider when building your app.
  4. Example Configuration: This is your framework for building your app's configuration - copy this configuration and use Configuration Walkthrough, Configuration Specification, Actions and Resource Commands to fill in your relevant information
  5. Configuration Specification: This document lays out the definition of each section of the configuration
  6. Actions: This is a deep dive into the Actions supported by the configuration file
  7. Commands: This is a deep dive into the Commands supported by the configuration file

We Are Here To Help!

Need help getting started? Ready to test your configuration? Reach out to our team and we can answer your questions and help you take the next step!

[email protected]

Happy Building!

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Getting Started

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