E-Commerce Customers

E-commerce customer resources represent a customer in an external e-commerce service such as Shopify. Customer resources primarily hold aggregate e-commerce data associated with a contact including the total revenue, total number of orders, and total number of products ordered (see the table below). This data cannot be saved to a customer object directly, but will be updated when order resources are created or updated for a customer. Note that a customer is related to a contact by the email address.

totalRevenueThe total revenue amount for the customer.
totalOrdersThe total number of orders placed by the customer.
totalProductsThe total number of products ordered by the customer.
avgRevenuePerOrderThe average revenue per order for the customer.
avgProductCategoryThe most frequent product category ordered by a customer.


Fields representing a monetary value are formatted in the lowest unit of the currency. For example, $32.80 would be represented as 3280.

The API allows you to create, update, and delete customer resources. You can retrieve individual customers as well as a list of all customers. Before you can create any customers, you must have created a connection resource for the e-commerce service.