List all contact activities

View a contact's recent activity. The activity is generated when a contact is retrieved via /api/3/contacts/[contactID]. This endpoint should be used after retrieving a contact to obtain the latest data. This is useful for searching for contacts that match certain criteria - such as being part of a certain list, or having a specific custom field value.


Contact ID parameter is now required

A contact ID is required to access this endpoint. This endpoint does not support multiple contact IDs with a single call.


Organization-Related Nodes Have Been Deprecated

Contact-Organization relationships are now managed through Account-Contact end points

Response details

  • subscriberid: Contact related to the Activity item
  • reference_type: Type of Activity. Types can include, but are not limited to:
    • SubscriberEmail
    • DealTask
    • SubscriberList
    • SubscriberSeries
    • Log
    • Update
    • DealActivity
    • Forward
    • Reply
    • Note
    • LinkData
    • MppLinkData
    • SmsLog
    • SmsReply
    • SmsUnsub
    • TrackingLog
    • SeriesBlock
    • SubscriberLog
    • SubscriberConversion
    • FbAudienceContactLog
    • EcomOrderActivity
  • reference_id: The ID for the related object (e.g. a Task or Note or similar), if relevant
  • reference_action: Examples include "start" or "complete" (in relation to Automations, also known as series in our API) or "subscribe" or ""