Looking for email webhooks?

Postmark can notify your application when an event related to the transactional email occurs. Inbound webhook even provides a simple way to receive and process emails. Learn more about Postmark Webhooks →

Webhooks provide the ability to receive real-time data updates about your various ActiveCampaign events.

You may choose to receive data based on certain actions (contact subscribes, contact unsubscribes, campaign opens, deal adds, SMS sends, etc..) and have applicable data sent to a URL of your choice. You can then use your own custom code to read, save, and do whatever you want with that data. This is a powerful option that allows you to keep all of your data in sync and opens up various integration options.

With every webhook you create, you can choose when it should actually fire. Perhaps you only want to receive data when a contact is added from the API. You can simply specify subscribe as the event and api as the source when you create your webhook. You can specify multiple events and sources for each webhook if you wish. All event and source options are listed below.

We guarantee at least once delivery on webhooks. In some rare cases, you may receive a webhook event more than once, so it’s important to create an idempotent system. see link for example.

Webhooks are never retried.

Webhook payload fields are listed in this document: webhook payloads.


forwardCampaign forwarded
openCampaign opened
shareCampaign shared
sentCampaign starts sending*
subscribeContact added
subscriber_noteContact note added
contact_tag_addedContact tag added
contact_tag_removedContact tag removed
unsubscribeContact unsubscription
updateContact updated
deal_addDeal added
deal_note_addDeal note added
deal_pipeline_addDeal pipeline added
deal_stage_addDeal stage added
deal_task_addDeal task added
deal_task_completeDeal task completed
deal_tasktype_addDeal task type added
deal_updateDeal updated
bounceEmail bounces
replyEmail replies
clickLink clicked
list_addList added
sms_replySMS reply
sms_sentSMS sent
sms_unsubSMS unsubscribe


publicRun the hooks when a contact triggers the action
adminRun the hooks when any user triggers the action
apiRun the hooks when an API call triggers the action
systemRun the hooks when automated systems triggers the action


*- 'Automation Driven Campaigns' will trigger webhooks when "By system processes" is selected for the webhook setting 'Initialize From (Source)'