E-Commerce Orders

E-Commerce order resources represent orders in an external e-commerce service such as Shopify. The API allows you to create, update, and delete order resources. You can retrieve individual orders as well as a list of all orders. Before you can create any orders, you must have created a connection resource for the e-commerce service and a customer resource for the customer who placed the order.

Orders can be created from two primary sources: real-time webhooks/events and historical syncs. Orders should only be marked as “real-time” if the order data is transmitted at the time of purchase. If the purchase occurred in the past, the order should be marked as “historical”.


Whenever order resources are saved through the API, the aggregate data fields of the related customer resource are automatically updated.


The “Makes a purchase” automation start, abandoned cart actions, customer conversions, and revenue attributions, will only trigger if the E-Commerce order source is from a real-time webhook ecomOrder.source = 1.. For more information please read this post The Makes a Purchase Trigger is Here!.